KNZ Universal Salt Licks 10Kg

Salt and mineral lick which assists in providing your herd with the daily recommended intake.

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KNZ Universal Salt Lick is the ideal addition to the basic ration or TMR
In addition to salt and magnesium, it contains the essential trace elements magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, and selenium.

How can you make sure that every cow takes the right amount of salt to be able to stay healthy and to have a high growth
performance? Adding salt to the ration is not a guarantee for success. For example, you can’t be sure that the TMR is
always calculated and assembled correctly. And how do you adjust the amount of salt if the ration composition changes or
if the temperature rises from 22 to 26°C?

KNZ salt licks contain purified vacuum salt of the highest quality. On top of this, all other essential minerals and vitamins
are provided in the lick. For grazing herds, these minerals and vitamins are an important addition to fresh pasture. In the
barn, these nutrients provide an insurance for good health.

Suitable for

  • Cattle


Na+CL – SALT (NaCl)

Improves : Acid and fluid balance and digestion.

Salt is an essential mineral. Among other things, it maintains a good acid and fluid balance.

It also plays an important role in the functioning of the central nervous system and muscular contraction.

Moreover, KNZ salt supports the intestinal flora, which results in a better digestion.


Improves : Enzyme systems

Zinc plays an essential role in many body processes, like enzyme systems concerned with metabolism, the healing process and disease resistance.

Zinc is essential for skin and bone development.


Improves : Metabolism

Iodine is essential for basal metabolism by producing thyroxin by the thyroid gland.

It has a positive effect on growth and development.


Improves : Fertility and acts as an antioxidant

Selenium plays an important role in fertility. Selenium is a component of the antioxidant enzymes, protecting against cell damage.

It prevents muscle disturbances and enhances the effectivity of iodine.


Improves : Nerve system, muscles and bones

Among other things, Magnesium ensures healthy nerve cells, strong bones, and good muscle formation.


Improves Enzyme activities
Copper is required for enzyme activity, plays a role in the central nervous system, and is associated with iron metabolism.

To have enough copper in feed is also essential for strong bones.

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