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Clipex EcoPost 1.8mtr – 10 Clip

Clipex Eco Post 1.8mtr – 10 Clip


The Clipex EcoPost is an economical, ECO-friendly high tensile post that has been specifically designed to offer an entry level fence post design to suit the most popular hinge jointed stock fence, plain or barbed wire fence applications.
This 10 Clip post been designed specifically for hinge joint 880/15 and 2 lines of barbed or plain wire in the top 2 slots.
The EcoPost 10 clip is most suitable for sheep fencing.

Clipex EcoPost Properties
  • 30 year Guarantee
  • Galvanised Coating : 600grm/m2
  • Grade : 450 steel (high tensile)
  • Steel Gauge : 3.0mm
  • Steel Tensile Strength : 520-620 N/MM2
  • Elongation : 26-34%
  • Pallet size : 300

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