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Kindling Cracker

Kindling Cracker

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The Kindling Cracker delivers real world ingenuity, by a young girl who was determined to avoid injuries from splitting firewood into Kindling.
This simple, safe and easy to use design that began as a science project has become an award-winning product across the world.
The Kindling Cracker is made in an Australian foundry. It consists of one solid piece of high-quality cast iron.
The only maintenance it needs is a touch of paint from time to time.
The Kindling Cracker is a top-grade cast iron splitting head mounted inside of a 12’’ H Cast iron frame.
To make a perfect piece of Kindling place a piece of firewood inside the iron safety ring and strike with a blunt instrument, such as a hammer or mallet.
This drives the wood down onto the splitting wedge for a quick easy split. These is no need to swing a sharp axe blade dangerously close to your hand. It is the perfect companion fore creating perfect kindling for your fire.

Kindling Cracker Features
  • A safe and easy way to make Kindling with no moving blade or sharpened object passing by your hands.
  • Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe
  • 6.5’’ inside diameter top ring
  • Made of high-quality cast iron in Australia
  • Virtually maintenance free
Available in two sizes:
  • Kindling Cracker Origional 4.8Kg
  • Kindling Cracker King 9.5kg
  • Kindling Cracker Showcase

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