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Radon Sump

Radon Barrier
Radon Tape


Radon gas is a colourless, odourless naturally occurring radioactive gas.

This gas is prevalent in granite areas but can occur almost anywhere.

Granite is naturally rich in uranium.

It is widely held that exposure to Radon Gas is a major cause of lung cancer.Radon tape is available to join the barrier and form a seal when connecting 2 pieces.

The radon sump or gas collector should be installed alongside a protective radon membrane.

Designed for use with 100mm diameter pipe and featuring a 5 point connection system, the design of the radon sump has been optimised to ensure rapid dispersal of collected gas.

Manufactured from lightweight, polyethylene, this radon box is frequently a more cost effective solution than old-fashioned concrete sumps and can assist in achieving compliance with building regulations and planning consents.

  • Installed alongside a protective radon membrane.
  • 5 point connection system
  • Ensures a rapid dispersal of collected gas

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