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Esco No 2 Rock Salt


Esco No 2 Rock Salt

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Esco No 2 Rock Salt is a high quality mined rock salt which has a high sodium chloride content of 99% and comes in various grain sizes.
Constant quality control guarantees this product is of high purity.
This salt offers excellent performance and is in compliance with the European industrial standard ISO 9001.


    Esco No 2 Rock Salt Properties
    • High Sodium Chloride Content of 99%
    • High Quality Mined Rock Salt
    • High Purity
    • Constant Quality Control
    • Various Grain Sizes
    • Compliance with the European industrial standard: ISO 9001
    • Available in 25Kg Bags
    • 40 Bags Per Pallet
    Esco No 2 Rock Salt Uses
    • Suitable for De-Icing and water softening

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