Hollow Section Galvanised 7.5mtr

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Hollow Section Galvanised

Sizes available from stock
IITC CodeSizeLengthKg Per Length
HS252525GALV25 X 25 X 2.5MM7.5MTR13.05
HS30GALV30 X 30 X 2.5MM7.5MTR16.05
HS40GALV40 X 40 X 2.5MM7.5MTR21.9
HS5025GALV50 X 25 X 2.5MM7.5MTR20.4
HS50GALV50 X 50 X 2.5MM7.5MTR27.83
HS252530GALV25 X 25 X 3MM7.5MTR15.3
HS303030GALV30 X 30 X 3MM7.5MTR18.83
HS404030GALV40 X 40 X 3MM7.5MTR25.88
HS505030GALV50 X 50 X 3MM7.5MTR32.93
HS60GALV60 X 60 X 3MM7.5MTR40.05
HS70GALV70 X 70 X 3MM7.5MTR47.1
HS8040GALV80 X 40 X 3MMM7.5MTR40.05
HS80GALV80 X 80 X 3MMM7.5MTR54.15
HS10050GALV100 X 50 X 3MM7.5MTR50.625
HS404050GALV40 X 40 X 4MM7.5MTR40.5
HS100GALV100 X 100 X 4MM7.5MTR90
HS505050GALV50 X 50 X 5MM7.5MTR52.28
HS707050GALV70 X 70 X 5MM7.5MTR75.75
HS808050GALV80 X 80 X 5MM7.5MTR87.75
HS10010050GALV100 X 100 X 5MM7.5MTR111


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